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Emergency shelter donations only to parish, Thank you!

Please note! The parish of Kuopio still collects donations for the asylum seekers. At this point, the need is for men’s winter clothes, head wear (caps, hats etc.), gloves, socks and shoes. Thank you for your help!

Kompassi won’t be collecting donations for the emergency shelters anymore. We humbly thank all those who have donated so far to Kompassi!  The benevolence of Kuopio people and their desire to help will never cease to amaze us! Thank you!

Please donate your items to the congregation hall / parish of Kuopio. The congregation /parish takes the donations and distributes them to the right places. Here is the address of the congregation / parish in Kuopio:

– Kuopion keskusseurakuntatalo: Suokatu 22 Kuopio, open on weekdays 8-16

Attention! Do not leave your donations at the entrance to the congregation hall / parish if it is closed.  

Thank you!



Attention all the interested volunteers to the emergency shelter in Levänen!

Puijola has received a lot of requests for volunteer work at the emergency shelter in Levänen, Kuopio. We thank you all for that!

Please send emails to from no on if you wish to be a volunteer.You can print the volunteer interview form from here

You cannot go to Levänen on your own to help out the asylum seekers.  Please also remember that, for the volunteer work you should be 18 or above years of age, we do not take underage volunteers there.

Please remember to leave your contact info in your email (phone number and email address). Thank you again!


12th of March 2015

Give your old computer a new home

Do you have old but good computers you don’t need anymore? Bring them to citizen houses! There is a shortage of computers at all citizen houses. Your computer can be new, old or a little bit broken. Our handy staff will make them like new ones. Our only requirement is that the computer can be fixed. If you have the computer we need call Hannele: 044 787 2861. She will find a new home for your old one.