Individual work

You can make a personal appointment, during which you can confidentially discuss and sort out issues that you are concerned about. The size of the issue doesn’t matter. Individual work is carried out by professionally trained staff.

A personal appointment takes an hour or two, depending on your needs and situation. If you want to come over to talk, you can find our e-mail addresses and phone numbers on the contact page.

Group activities

We have several regularly scheduled groups, where the participants themselves can take part in planning the activities. Some of the groups are open for everyone, which means you can join in non-stop without signing up beforehand.

Closed groups are formed by us first meeting each of the participants individually. We offer, for example, a closed group for young mothers, where we reflect on motherhood and the everyday concerns of taking care of a baby.

Communal activities

Communal activities include spending time together, engaging in activities and participating in workshops twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4-7 pm. At that time anyone can join the activities without signing up in advance. On these nights, we do all sorts of things: watch movies, take field trips, cook together, play board games… We’ve even spent an evening braiding and cutting new hairstyles.

The communal activities are always linked to a theme. You can take part, or just come and talk to our counsellors and other participants and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee.