Kompassi – international living room.
Path to integration begins with us.

Current events

Kompassi in autumn

Kompassi’s autumn season is full of activities, events and fun!

Nonstop Finnish language courses are held on Mondays (beginners) and Wednesdays (little advanced) at 14-16. Also on Thursdays (beginners) from 13:15-15:00.

Toisto -language learning group and Let’s Read Together -Finnish teaching group have already started …

Advice and guidance service: You can come to Kompassi directly without an appointment during our opening hours or with appointment by calling 044 078 7286 or through email: firstname.lastname@puijola.net

Warm welcome to you all!

Hobby groups and clubs

English Discussion group

Time: 13–14

Finnish 1 (beginners)

Time: 14-16  (Non-stop Finnish course) 

Theatrical Improvisation group

Time: 18.30–20.30

Let's Read Finnish -Finnish lessons

Time: 13:30 - 15:30

Finnish 2  (little advanced)

Time: 14–16 (Nonstop Finnish course)

Toisto -Finnish learning group

Time: 12:00-13:00

Finnish 1 (beginners)

Time: 14-16  (Non-stop Finnish course) 

Let's Speak Finnish -discussion group

Time: 14–15 (restarts 23.9.)

Football (beginners)

Time: 18 - 19.30 (Call Antti for more info)

Hapelahti garden grounds, Snellmaninkatu 41

Antti Syrjäläinen (050 539 1331)


Time: 18 - 19.30

Haapaniemi school sports hall, Aseveljenkatu 8

Antti Syrjäläinen (050 539 1331)

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