Hobby groups and clubs

Kompassi offers variety of activities apart from Finnish language courses. These activities include hobby groups and cultural events.

A varied range of hobby groups and clubs meet at Kompassi all round the year! These groups either meet at Kompassi or in Kompassi’s collaborator’s spaces.

Kompassi’s hobby groups are open and free for all. You can either go to these groups on a regular basis or whenever you find time from your busy schedule. Some of our groups also perform in different events and it is possible to arrange for their performance in your events according to the availability and possibility.

The start of groups depends on the decision of the group coordinator how they would like to keep their group during the Covid-19 situation.
Please ask Kompassi’s staff for more info.

Autumn 2021

English Discussion group
    Time: 13–14
Finnish 1 (beginners)
    Time: 14-16  (Non-stop Finnish course)
Improvisation group
    Time: 19–21
KATHAK -Indian classical dance lessons
    Time: 18-20:30
Let's Read Finnish -Finnish lessons
    Time: 13:30 - 15:30
Finnish 2  (little advanced)
    Time: 14–16 (Nonstop Finnish course)
Finnish in everyday life (beginners)
    Time: 14-16 (Nonstop Finnish course)
Let's Speak Finnish -discussion group
    Time: 14 - 15
Football (for beginners)
    Time: 18 – 19:30
    Hapelahti garden sports ground, Snellmaninkatu 41
    (Antti Syjrjäläinen 050 539 1331)
    Time: 15–17
    Time: 18 – 19:30
    Haapaniemi school sports hall, Aseveljenkatu 8
    (Antti Syjrjäläinen 050 539 1331)