Volunteer work

Are you interested in the activities of an international meeting place and working closely with people from different cultural backgrounds?

In 2019, more than a hundred people were a part of Kompass’s volunteer network. Each of them was involved in our volunteer activities in the way that was best suited to them. Some were involved in regular group activities, some in individual events. Our volunteers coordinate, among other things, Kompassi’s football group, the Finnish language learning groups, Estonian family club, and choir groups. In addition to long-term group activities, volunteers come up with their own ideas and experiment with new group activities such as dance, theater and a variety of sports activities each year.

Volunteering options:

  • assistant teacher in Finnish language courses
  • participant and facilitator in different groups
  • group leader / new group coordinator
  • participant in events or event coordinator

For volunteers we offer:

  • regular meetings with Kompass’s staff
  • workshops or trainings
  • information about Kompassi’s events and activities
  • Thanks giving event at the year end

How can you be a part of us?

Contact Varsha Shurpali, who is in-charge of Kompassi’s volunteering work. You can call, email or visit Kompassi, we will be happy to talk to you about your volunteering at our palce if you are interested in it. Let’s think together about how you could include / implement your own ideas in our activities OR be a part of the existing activities at Kompassi.
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Kompassi’s volunteer work promo video

Varsha Shurpali

Counselor / Volunteer work in-charge
ph. 044 078 7282

Kauppakatu 40-42
70100 Kuopio