Volunteer work

Kompassi offers an opportunity to work as a volunteer in several different activities organized by it. There are about 106 volunteers at Kompassi at this point who help and participate in these different activities.

Volunteer work at Kompassi is done in a multicultural environment with people from all over the world. You can, for example…
  • assist the immigrant students in our Finnish courses
  • meet people from different ethnic backgrounds and learn their culture by participating in our hobby groups and clubs
  • meet, make friends and help them during our cultural events organized throughout the year
  • be a bridge between the immigrants and the Finnish society

Apart from this, Kompassi also keeps a registry of volunteers. The registered volunteers are sent an email by the volunteer in-charge at Kompassi regarding various subjects, for ex: upcoming volunteering opportunities or events that would interest the volunteers. The emails is sent once a month or more.

Kompassi also organizes different activities meant only for volunteers and Kompassi’s staff offers help and guidance with regard to volunteer work at Kompassi.

Activities for volunteers…
  • regular volunteer meetings
  • book club and movie evenings
  • workshops or training on various topics
  • recreational activities in summer and thank you dinners at the year end

Ask more about voluntary work at Kompassi by sending email to varsha.shurpali@puijola.net or by calling 044 078 7282

You can print Kompassi’s volunteer work application form from here.

Welcome to Kompassi’s volunteer work!

Video of Kompassi’s volunteer work

Varsha Shurpali

Counselor / Volunteer work in-charge
ph. 044 078 7282

Kauppakatu 40-42
70100 Kuopio