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Welcome to Finland! –course is an intensive Finnish language course. It is meant for the immigrants who have very recently moved to Finland and are able to at least read and write in English.


The duration of the course is 8 weeks, 5 days a week. Teaching takes place from Monday to Friday for four (4) hours each day, 9 – 13 (9am to 1pm). Each of these courses will have 10–14 students.

During the course, the students will also participate in two of Kompassi’s events after the class hours.

Courses in 2022:

  • 10.1.–4.3. 
  • 21.3.–13.5. 
  • 23.5.–15.7.
  • 22.8.–14.10. (last date for application 8.7.)
  • 24.10.–16.12 (last date for application 7.10.)


In the course you will be studying the basic Finnish and get to know the Kuopio city and Finnish culture. You will learn enough Finnish to cope better with daily life in the new city. You’ll meet new friends and you can share your experience with others.


Kuopion Setlementti Puijola ry
Kauppakatu 40-42
70110 Kuopio

The course is useful because you will …
  • learn Finnish basics like greetings and information about yourself
  • get basic information about Finland and the Finnish society
  • get to know a little about Kuopio city and its Govt offices and leisure places
  • meet new friends and you can share your experience with others.
Who can apply?

The applicant should have Kuopio as their city of residence & type A residence permit. Applicant also should be registered with the Labour Office as unemployed job-seeker.

How to apply?

Application to the course is non-stop; you can apply for this course at any time. You can get the application form from Kompassi or you can print it from here

Return the completed form to Kompassi. You will be notified about your selection by an e-mail in approximately two weeks prior to the start of the course.

More info:

Satu Nummi
Satu Nummi

Finnish language teacher
ph. 050 455 2745