Other services


At Kompassi, one of our goals is to inspire and support diverse civic activities in NorthSavo. We provide our facilities for groups, networks, and organizations for their public activities. 

The electronic calendar on our website does not always show the actual booking status of the premises. Ask Kompassi staff about the availability of facilities well in advance. For corporate space reservations, please contact Kompassi‘s director. 

You can book the following types of space from Kompassi: 

Ilma: A six-person conference room at street level. The room has a TV connectable to laptop. 

Tuli: A meeting room for twelve people downstairs. The space can accommodate a maximum of eighteen people. The room has a TV connectable to laptop. Nearby are kitchonette with water tap, refrigerator, microwave, and oven. 

Luokka: Facilitates to up to 50 people. There are tables and chairs as well as a computer and TV. Attached to the classroom is also a small kitchen with coffee maker, kettle, microwave, refrigerator and water tap.

Sali: A windowless hall-like space downstairs that can accommodate about ten people. There are tables and chairs in the space. 

Vesi: Two-person workspace downstairs. 

Available for use with the booking: 

  • Coffee set for 30 people
  • Pump thermos for coffee and tea
  • Whiteboard 
  • Piano and djembe drums
  • At the street level, there is a self-service café during Kompassi‘s opening hours, which is available by separate agreement.

The users of the facilities must follow the Rules of Kompassi 

Presentation packages

Kompassi provides multicultural info and global education packages for groups. Groups can either visit Kompassi or Kompassi’s staff can come to present their activities in the Kuopio area.

The lecture packages on multiculturalism offered by Kompass are as follows:

–  Introduction to Kompassi and Settlement Puijola
–  Introduction to the Settlement movement
–  General immigration information
–  Immigrant’s path to Finland
–  Escape in the world – a refugee’s trip to Finland and experiences of Finnish society
–  Intercultural communication

You can also ask for a customized training/lecture package

We also make visits to educational institutions for student groups to promote intercultural dialogue. Contact Kompassi’s staff for further info.