Sexual health promotion

Sexual counseling and guidance

Are you wondering about sexuality, sexual orientation, sexual relations, relationships, gender, sexual identity, dating or the changes in your body? Sexual counseling provides guidance and information on questions and issues related to sexuality. You can make an appointment for sexual counseling at the Girls’ House on weekdays.

Johanna Luomala
Johanna Luomala

Johtaja, sexual counseling
Puh. 045 877 6400


Sexuality education

We have developed a sex education workshop, which can be carried out in schools, for example.

The workshop covers four themes:
  1. Sexuality as a broad concept
  2. Sexual rights and sexual development
  3. The image of sexuality in the media
  4. Changes in the body and the anatomy of the body

The workshop can be adjusted according to the available space and the needs of the organization and it requires about two hours of time. The workshop is offered free of charge.

We also offer sexuality themed education and training. The training is provided by the director of Girls’ House, Johanna Luomala, who is a qualified sexual counsellor.