What is Kompassi?

Kompassi is an international meeting point situated in the city center. It is a part Settlement Puijola ry of Kuopio. Kompassi was established in the year 1999 and gets funding from RAY and Kuopio city.

Kompassi organizes multicultural activities all through the year with the help of our visitors and partners.  Kompassi promotes building of an equal society and offers activities supporting integration and participation, and advice and guidance in everyday life.

Kompassi’s activities emphasize community, peer-support, utilizing people’s own resources and supporting them in moving forward in life. Finns and immigrants confluence through volunteer work.

Kompassi advocates equality through social advocacy and activities opposing prejudices and inequality.

Who are Kompassi’s target groups?

Kompassi’s target groups are immigrants of Kuopio region and their associations, couples in multicultural relationship and Finnish people interested in multiculturalism. Kompassi’s services are available also for those who are working with other immigrants in the region and authorities.

Did you know this about Kompassi?
  • Kompassi is a place which is open for all.  33% of our visitors are Finns.
  • About 1100 visitors visit Kompassi in a month during our opening hours.
  • Kompassi organizes a variety of events and activities in a year.
  • Multicultural groups use Kompassi’s premises for meetings through out the year.
  • The Finnish language courses have around 400 participants in a year from 55 different nationalities.
  • Kompassi has around 85 volunteer workers, including immigrants.
Kompassi’s rules
  1. Kompassi welcomes everyone.
  2. Kompassi values all of its visitors equally without discrimination.
  3. Kompassi is a politically and religiously neutral place.
  4. Any type of alcoholic drink, all forms of tobacco and illegal substances are prohibited in Kompassi. No one is allowed to come to Kompassi under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.
  5. The groups using Kompassi’s facilities take full responsibility during their reserved time.