Reception centre

The Kuopio reception centre, run by Puijola, opened in April 2022 following the war in Ukraine, and expanded to Iisalmi in November of the same year. Puijola also responded to the request of the Finnish Immigration Service by running the Tarina reception centre from 2015 to 2020.

Kuopio Reception Centre

Haapaniemenkatu 13, 70110 Kuopio, tel. 044 706 1268 (weekdays 9:00-14:00)

Iisalmi Reception Centre

Riistakatu 5, 74100 Iisalmi, tel. 044 706 1268 (weekdays 9:00:14.00)

Reception Centre Director Juha Huttunen
tel. 044 700 7299,

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