Aggredi as a form of work

Aggredi work started in Setlementti Puijola in the spring of 2015. Aggredi is a form of therapeutic work focused on perpetrators of violence outside the home aged 18-49. The goal is for the client to stop violent behavior or reduce it. Aggredi offers the opportunity to deal with problems arising from violence on neutral ground. Trust, impartiality, respect and non-judgment are cornerstones when dealing with a customer.

Aggredi’s does not require being sober or not guilty. You can come to Aggredi if you want a change in life or if you want to do things differently. Participation in Aggredi is voluntary and free. Our clients’ crimes include assaults, robberies, murders and their attempts. Worrying about one’s own violence is also enough to become a customer.

Aggredi maintains and develops a system that brings hard-to-reach and poorly motivated customers into the scope of care work. The operation is based on solid regional network work. Aggredi has strengthened a multi-professional network to support violence work outside the home. Alongside official work, a low-threshold service has been developed, which was not available before.

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