Housing counseling

Housing counseling is work that prevents exclusion and housing crisis, with the aim of promoting and maintaining well-being and increasing social security. The service is implemented in such a way that it is easy to reach with a low threshold on your own initiative and at a sufficiently early stage.

Kuopio housing counseling

For more information on housing counseling in Kuopio, please contact our housing councelors Elisa Hämäläinen ph: 050 339 4295, Marjut Rantala ph: 050 352 0886 and Sanni Liimatainen ph: 044 493 8473. You can also reach us by email asumisneuvonta@puijola.net. Our housing councelors work at Asemakatu 7, the building is located on the corner of Asemakatu and Mäkikatu. You can read more about our services in the link below.

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