In 2023, around 80 active people participated in Kompassi’s activities as volunteers giving about 1700 hours of their time to our volunteer work. Each of them participated in our volunteer activities in the way that suited them best. Some were involved in regular group activities, some in individual events. In addition, every year the volunteers come up with ideas to tryout new group activities, such as dance, arts, theater and physical exercise or sports activities.

Read more about the ways you can get involved below.

How do you get involved?

Contact Varsha Shurpali (center in the picture), who is responsible for Kompassi`s volunteer activities. You can call, send an email or visit Kompassi. We are happy to talk about your interest in volunteering. Let’s think together how you could implement your own idea with Kompassi or how you could be involved in existing activities.

Community coordinator Varsha Shurpali
phone 044 078 7282,

Hobby groups

Kompassi coordinates numerous different hobby and peer support groups, such as language clubs, sports, dance or art groups. The groups meet either at the premises of Kompassi or at Kompassi’s partners. Clubs usually last at least one semester.

The clubs are open to everyone and free of charge.

You can attend the groups regularly or when it suits you best unless it requires commitment. Some of the groups get opportunities to perform at various events in the city and other places. Some also organize programs at different events.

Contact varsha.shurpali@puijola.net for more info
or check out our ongoing groups and clubs from the link below.

Check out hobby groups

Options for volunteering

Volunteer work can be done in a multicultural environment and with immigrants. For example, you can start or lead your own group, you can coordinate events / happenings or be an assistant in them. In addition, you can be an assistant teacher in Finnish language lessons, a participant or an assistant in different groups.

At Kompassi, we encourage and eagerly welcome the volunteers’ own ideas, which we try to implement together as much as possible.

If possible, we offer volunteers regular meetings with Kompassi staff, workshops or trainings, information about Kompassi events and activities, and an annual thanksgiving evening.

Contact Varsha Shurpali for more info about volunteering opportunities at Kompassi or to book a meeting.

Additional information about Kompassi


What is Kompassi?

Kompassi is an international meeting place run by Kuopio Setlementti Puijola, founded in 1999. Kompassi is close to everyone situated in the heart of Kuopio. Kompassi works towards influencing and impacting for an equal and fair society.

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