Violance work

In Kuopio Setlementti Puijola, a wide range of work is done to help both survivors of violance and perpetrators of violence.

On this page you can find more information about our services.

Violence outside the home

Aggredi is a form of therapeutic work focused on perpetrators of violence outside the home aged 18-49. The goal is for the client to stop violent behavior or reduce it. Aggredi offers the opportunity to deal with problems arising from violence on neutral ground. Trust, impartiality, respect and non-judgment are cornerstones when dealing with a customer.

We are located in Kuopio at Savonkatu 24. Contact Arja Mykkänen, the specialist in violence work at Aggredi, tel. 044 787 2879, or violence work expert Pasi Raatikainen, tel. 050 364 4888,

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Support for survivors of gender-based violence

Gender-based violence is e.g. human trafficking, honor-related violence and sexual violence. We support girls and women with migrant backround when they become aware of violence, process experiences of violence and when recovering. Contact us for more information

Sanni Mäkinen

tel. 050 368 8906

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Support for people with a criminal background

We support those with a criminal background and their loved ones. We are located at Puijonkatu 45. Come visit us on site or contact

Tanja Turunen, coordinator
p. 050 447 3222

Tanja Hynynen, instructor
p. 050 362 4589

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