Sexual Health

At Girl`s House (Kuninkaankatu 26, Kuopio) sexual health promotion work is carried out in its many different forms. You can read more about sexual counseling and guidance, sexual violence work, sexual education and our work with immigrants below

Sexual counseling and guidance

Are you wondering about sexuality, sexual orientation, sexual relationships, relationship, sexuality, gender identity, dating or changes in the body? In sexual counseling, you have the opportunity to get information and think about issues and questions related to sexuality.

You have the opportunity to make an appointment for sexual counseling every weekday.

Johanna Luomala,
p. 045 877 6400

Sexual violence work

Sexual violence is a traumatic, insecure and difficult experience. Untreated, sexual violence can cause long-term harm in everyday life and relationships. That’s why it’s good to deal with the matter together with a safe and professional adult.

We offer support and help to girls and young women aged 13-29 who have experienced sexual violence. The service is free, confidential and low-threshold individual and group professional support.

Those who have experienced sexual violence can contact the sexual violence worker Anna Korhonen,

p. 050 359 0184,

Sexual education

Sexual education focus especially on emotional and safety skills. The duration of one sexual education session is about two hours. The lessons are functional and conversational.

These themes are covered during the lessons:

What emotional and safety skills mean

Body and body changes during puberty

Sexuality and its development in youth

Own and others’ boundaries, e.g. protection age and sexual rights

Social media and the phenomena encountered in social media

Henriikka Tiihonen,
p. 044 491 6220

Support for those who have experienced gender-based violence

Gendered violence is e.g. human trafficking, honor-related violence and sexual violence. We walk next to girls and women with immigrant backgrounds when they become aware of violence, deal with the experiences of violence and when they recover from it. Contact us for more information!

Sanni Mäkinen
p.  050 368 8906


Girl`s House

The most important thing for us is that everyone is seen and heard. We hope that everyone can find an activity that suits them. We think that every person grows as a person in relation to other people, as a member of a community, and you are an important part of the whole. Together we can build House in to a place  where everyone can be themselves.

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