Youth work

Girls’ House is a place for people aged 12-29, where everyone has the opportunity to be seen and heard.

People who join the activities are able to participate in the planning and implementation of the activities.

All our activities are professionally guided. We work with a gender-sensitive approach. This means that in our work we take into account the effects of gender on a person’s growth. The operation is financed by STEA.

Individual work

You can book an individual time with us, where you can confidentially discuss or clarify issues that concern you. The size of the thing doesn’t matter. Individual work in our House is done by professionally trained people.

Individual meeting can last an hour or two, depending on your needs and situation. Contact us, if you want to book an individual time with us. We are in Kuopio at Kuninkaankatu 26 B.

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Group activity

We have several groups that meet weekly. People who join the activities are able to participate in the planning and implementation of the activities. Some of the groups are open, where you can come non-stop without registration, some of the groups are closed. The activities of closed groups always begin by meeting the group participants in person.

Ask more about groups
Marika Happonen
p. 050 554 801

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Communal activities

The main thing in communal activities is coming together with other people. Anyone can join without registration. You can participate however you like; have a cup of coffee, play games, chat, relax or just be.

Marika Happonen,, P. p. 050 554 8010

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Work in social media

We meet young people on Tiktok, Instagram and Discord. On Tuesdays  you can talk with us on Meniks sulla tunteisiin?- chat.  We also produce content for the channels above and the goal is to increase safety and emotional skills such as recognizing one’s own and others’ boundaries. Good safety skills help to protect yourself in situations of violence and bullying and recognize threatening situations.

Oona Hulkkonen, p. 044 051 8412

Meniks sulla tunteisiin?- chat about sexuality on Tuesdays at 18.00-20.00

TikTok: menikssullatunteisiin

Discord: menikssullatunteisiin

IG: kuopiontyttojentalo

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