Housing counseling

Kuopio housing counceling offers a low threshold service, with a goal of securing  the continuation of housing as well as  preventing and reduceing the housing crisis, the creation of rental debts, evictions, the termination of tenancy agreements and homelessness. The goal is also to support and advise households with managing their finances, life issues and housing challenges. The customer can book an appointment directly, either for a home visit or an office visit. It is also possible for the housing advisor to visit rural municipalities in the Kuopio region.

Advice on housing matters

Do you have  enough money to pay the rent or other financial obligations related to housing? Do you have challenges in managing finances? If you have these kind of questions in mind, Kuopio housing counseling is just for you. Our service is for everyone living in Kuopio.

We offer guidance for housing problems. We work together with you to help balance your everyday life and help ease your financial and housing challenges.  Our conversations are always confidential and our  services are free of charge. We help and support you if you have, for example:

Difficulties in paying rent or other housing costs

Accumulated rent debts

Challenges in balancing your finances

Difficulties coping with caring for your home

Deficiencies in your living evironment

Need help looking for an apartment

Eviction ahead or threat of eviction

Other questions related to housing


You can contact our housing councelor by phone, text message, WhatsApp or email asumisneuvonta@puijola.net Housing counselor Elisa Hämäläinen can be reached at p. 050 339 4295 and housing counselor Marjut Rantalan at p. 050 352 0886 and housing counselor Sanni Liimatainen at p. 044 493 8473. You can also send a message via Kuopio’s housing counseling Facebook page. Our office situates at Pyörönkaari 26, 70820 Kuopio. You can also arrange a meeting at home or at another convenient location.

Kuopio city’s Housing and Services acts as the responsible party for the service, and the service is produced by Kuopio Setlementti Puijola ry. You can find more information on the website of the city of Kuopio (link opens in a new window)

The financiers of Kuopio’s housing counseling in 2023 are the Housing Finance and Development Center ARA, the Kuopio City Housing Authority, Pohjois-Savo welfare area and Niiralan Kulma Oy.


Our activities at Kuopio Asumisneuvonta are strongly based on values. Our service is intended for everyone who lives in Kuopio, regardless of the type of residence and ownership of the apartment. We are a low-threshold service and our activities are voluntary and confidential. This enables us to build trust between other service providers and the customer.

We meet all our customers on an individual level, regardless of their background, and we work to improve the situation together with the customer, so that everyone has the opportunity to secure their housing.

We are part of Kuopio Setlementti Puijola, ​​you can read more about our values below.

Setlementti Puijola`s values

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