Our Values

In Puijola, we are there where a companion and motivator are needed. We do work that is strongly value-based and with a big heart.

Our values are:

Equality: A central principle of our work is to promote equality in society, regardless of a person’s background, culture, nationality, or language skills.

Locality: We operate for the benefit of local people and those in the surrounding areas – together with them.

Responsibility and Trust: We dare to act differently when necessary. We strengthen trust between people. We are a reliable partner for authorities, funders, and other collaborators. We trust in the ability of people themselves to solve issues.

Fairness: We work to ensure that everyone can feel they have been treated fairly. We increase knowledge about what fairness means in Finnish society.

The Finnish Settlement Association was established in 1918. The foundation of settlement work has been building bridges between different groups throughout its 100-year history. Our everyday work is about meeting people at the grassroots level, as much learning as teaching, as much receiving as giving. However, all settlements are independent, and activities arise from local needs.

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