Validi job coaching

Validi job coaching connects international experts and employers in the Pohjois-Savo region. We offer job coaching for unemployed job seekers with an immigrant background.

For immigrants

We give you personal coaching to find a job or study path and tell you about employment and education opportunities. To promote your employment, we make use of our networks and connections with companies and other actors.

In job coaching, we strengthen your communication and interaction skills. In addition, we make it easier to identify your skills and, if necessary, offer the support of a language-savvy mentor as part of your coaching.


For employers

With our wide network and the versatile expertise of our customers, we are able to help you find the kind of employee you are looking for.

If you want, we are here to help you throughout the entire employment process and, if necessary, advise you on questions that may arise in connection with hiring an immigrant.

What is Validi?

Validi is individual coaching, the goal of which is to find a place to work or study. If necessary, we support the development of digital skills and communication and interaction skills related to the customer’s job search, as well as networking.

Validi helps companies and employers find international talent. Validi is part of the operations of Puijola Kompassi. Kompassi has been promoting equality and integration in Kuopio since 1999.

Our strength is that we know our customers, their skills and the needs of local employers.

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Our Job Coaches

Helena Räisänen
Työllisyyspäällikkö, työhönvalmentaja
Ph. 044 901 8638

Leea Korpela, työhönvalmentaja
p. 044 792 4156

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