Afternoon Club`s

Setlementti Puijola’s afternoon clubs, the most important things are the child’s safety, creativity and play. We make sure that the child can realize his creativity freely and independently. It is also important that in our club the child can rest and calm down after the school day. Setlementti Puijola has produced afternoon clubs for schoolchildren in Kuopio since autumn 2003. We operate as a service provider of afternoon clubs for the city of Kuopio.


You can get in touch with the club by calling the club’s phone. Please report your child’s possible absence by text message or by calling the club directly!

Contact information

More than 100 children

Puijola organizes activities at four elementary schools in Kuopio. The Clubs are located in Jynkkä, Kalevala, Rajala and Kettula schools. About 100 children are involved in our activities. The Clubs are open during school opening hours from 12:00 to 16:00.

Setlementti Puijola has produced afternoon Clubs for schoolchildren in Kuopio since autumn 2003. We operate as a service provider of afternoon Clubs for the city of Kuopio.


We respect the child’s own language and cultural background, lifestyle and family values. The values ​​of the settlement movement are to accept differences regardless of skin color, gender or culture. By getting to know different cultures, we can increase children’s understanding and reduce prejudices.

The following values ​​guide the operation`s of clubs:

safety, friendship, community spirit

creativity, acceptance of difference

strengthening a positive self-image

Our main partners are: City of Kuopio, Settlement Union, Savo Vocational and Adult College Sakky, Savonia AMK.

Club fees

The fee for the afternoon club is determined by how long the child is in the club.

Part-time club fee (3h/day or 1-15h/week): €120/month.

Full-time club fee (4h/day or more than 15h/week): €160/month.

In August, half of the month’s operating fee is charged. You can apply for an exemption or relief from the activity fees from the city of Kuopio here (link opens in a new window).


Snacks are eaten in the clubs every day. The snack is between 1 and 2 p.m. and usually includes bread, cold cuts, fruit or vegetables, and porridge.

The snack is provided by Servica and the snack is served in the school canteen.

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