Finnish language lessons

Finnish language lessons and groups offered by Kompassi are open to everyone and free of charge. You don’t need to register for them. All the teachings take place at Kompassi.

Nonstop lessons

Number of students in the classroom: 40 max

Finish 1 (grammar)
from 14 – 16 (for beginners)

Contents include, for example, Alphabets, verbs and verb conjugation, key word types and cases, possessive structure.


Finnish 2 (grammar)
from 14 – 16 (little advanced)

Content includes for ex: Consonant gradations (verbs and nouns), key word types and cases, part of speech, objects, plural partitive.

The teacher for nonstop Finnish classes is Satu Nummi


Let’s read together – Finnish language teaching
Tuesdays from 14:00-16:00

We study and learn to speak and write Finnish in small groups (1-3 people together with an instructor). In the group,  we study Finnish language through books, listening, speaking, and with the help of newspapers and articles. The participant’s progression takes place according to their own starting level and wishes.

Children are also welcome in the small group. By learning in small groups you get to know new people and make friends.
The group’s instructors are Kompassi volunteers.

Toisto- group (repeat and learn Finnish)
Thursdays from 12:00 – 13:30
Number of students: 20 max.

In TOISTO group, learning Finnish takes place through listening and repeating. The group is especially suitable for beginners, slow learners or those looking for practicing words and sentences in Finnish.
The group is coordinated by Kompassi volunteers who have been trained in the method.

Let’s Speak Finnish – discussion group
Fridays from 14-15.30

Information for everyday life through conversation. Every week we discuss different topics in Finnish, e.g. education, daycare for children, KELA services, migration, housing, etc.

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