Accommodation in a reception centre for applicants for international protection and temporary protection

Those seeking international protection and those receiving temporary protection are accommodated in a reception centre. The housing in a reception centre can be arranged either in separate apartments or in communal accommodation. Kuopio and Iisalmi reception centres offer their customers separate apartments.

  • In a communal accommodation centre, clients are accommodated in one building or multiple buildings. Reception facilities for staff are also located in these buildings
  • In a housing-based reception centre, asylum seekers live in apartments rented by the centre. Reception facilities for workers are often located seperately from the apartments

Clients can also arrange their own accommodation outside the centre. Adult asylum seekers, as well as children arriving with their parents, are accommodated in adult and family reception centres. Unaccompanied minors are accommodated in units for minors. (Source: Finnish Immigration Service)

For more information, please contact the deputy director of the reception centre, Hannu Tourunen at 044-4936586.

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