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Kompassi is an international meeting place run by Kuopio Setlementti Puijola, founded in 1999. Kompassi is close to everyone situated in the heart of Kuopio. Kompassi works towards influencing and impacting for an equal and fair society.


In Kompassi our goal is an equal society for all. Our activities support integration and inclusion. Kompassi also provides advice and guidance for everyday matters.

We emphasize on community, well-being and peer support. Our activities are supported by a strong group of volunteers who build diverse activities together with the staff every year.

You can come to us directly during opening hours (Kauppakatu 40-42, Kuopio) or by appointment. Contact information can be found at this link.

Employees can be reached:

from Monday to Friday 8:30-15:30

Additional information about Kompassi

Job coaching

We offer job coaching for unemployed job seekers with an immigrant background. Validi job coaching is individual coaching, the goal of which is to find a place to work or study.

You can find contact information for job coaches via the link below.

Read more about Validi

Hobby groups

Kompassi coordinates numerous hobby and peer-support groups, such as language clubs, sports and dance groups, and art groups. The groups meet either at the premises of Kompassi or at Kompassi`s partners. Clubs usually last at least one semester.

The groups/clubs are open for everyone and free of charge. You can attend the groups regularly or when it suits you best unless it requires commitment. Some of the groups get opportunities to perform at various events in the city and other places. Some also organize programs at different events.

Contact and ask more:
Community coordinator varsha.shurpali@puijola.net
or check out our ongoing groups and clubs from the link below.

Check out hobby groups

Finnish language teaching

Kompassi’s Finnish language lessons and groups are open and free for everyone. There is no need to register for lessons or groups.

Finnish lessons and groups at Kompassi focus on practicing Finnish language for everyday communication and varying situations. In the groups, the participants’ knowledge of Finnish society, culture and knowing Kuopio as their hometown is also supported.

All of the Finnish teachings are held at Kompassi’s premises (Kauppakatu 40-42).

Nonstop lessons are taught by Finnish language teacher Satu Nummi.

Read more and see the schedule!

Counseling for immigrants

From us you can get personal advice and guidance on everyday matters that are important to you and also in different life situations. Counseling is available during Kompassi opening hours or by appointment.

Kompassi’s counseling service can also be contacted by authorities, work communities, educational institutions, organizations or the media, if you are looking for a conversation partner for special questions about immigrant work.

Community negotiator Tsega Kiflie, p. 044 078 7286


Read more about counseling and guidance


In 2023, around 80 active people participated in Kompassi’s activities as volunteers giving about 1700 hours of their time to our volunteer work. Each of them participated in our volunteer activities in the way that suited them best.

Read more about volunteering

Facilities reservation

At Kompassi, one of our goals is to inspire and support diverse civic activities in Pohjois-Savo. That’s why we offer our facilities for the use of groups, networks and organizations. Ask Kompassi’s staff (kompassi@puijola.net) about the possibility of reservation for your group or availability of the premises.

Read more about reservations



We listen to our visitors and boldly use our voice to promote justice in the networks of various actors in society. We enable people’s participation and utilization of expertise through our activities (groups are ideated and guided by volunteers).

We support people’s everyday well-being, e.g. by offering Finnish language practice opportunities as well as social interactions with other people and communal friendship.

Our activities are financed by e.g. STEA, the city of Kuopio and the TE-Keskus of Pohjois Savo. Our most important partners are the various service areas of the city of Kuopio, the Eastern Finland Ethnic Advisory Council, Ely and the region’s higher education institutions and universities.


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